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For me (and so many in my generation), the new social media and internet technologies are a profound revolution that is shaking up my reality and my interactions with the world. I feel like I’m continually playing catch-up, as I’m one of the “technologically handicapped.” Do you think of yourself this way?

Fortunately, my younger generation friends are helping enlighten me about these amazing new tools for co-creating a New World.

I’ve become a real fan of Skype, GoToWebinar and other teleconference tools as I’ve been using them to dialogue with my colleagues around the world and to link up in meditation. How cool that the oldest technologies like meditation are now being amplified by the newest technologies.

Amazingly, I’ve found that you can create almost as strong a meditative energy field through the internet or on a teleconference as you can meditating together in person. Maybe it’s because you’re linking more subjectively with each other through the heart, higher mind and soul and holding a clear intention about it. Scientists call this our “non-local self”—a most appropriate name!

I’ve been on a teleconference with over 2,000 people during the recent Gulf Oil Spill when Lynne McTaggart and others led a guided meditation to hold a clear intention of stopping the spill and healing the natural environment. It was amazingly powerful. I’ve also done a very focused weekly meditation for peace in the Middle East with people around the world over the last couple of years.

I’m very intrigued about an upcoming leading edge conference called Wisdom 2.0 for which I’ve registered that brings together respected meditation teachers like Jack Kornfield with top executives at Google, Twitter, Facebook and other Silicon Valley technology companies. It’s so popular that it’s already sold out, but  you can catch a live stream beginning February 25 at 1pm PST on the at I’ll give you my in person report after the conference.  Did you know that Google offers a meditation training for their staff called “Search Inside Yourself”? Very cool…

Did you know there’s now hundreds of relaxing meditation apps for your cell phone, computer, iPod, etc.? Just Google “meditation apps”—it will blow your mind. But that’s the point of meditation anyway, isn’t it—going beyond the mind?

There are many companies (and even government agencies!) that have created a meditation room to allow employees to meditate, pray or just sit in the silence. They find it improves creativity and the bottom line. I reported on this in my new book, The Practical Visionary (, and will be discussing some of the new solutions created by practical visionaries around the world in my upcoming Visionary Leadership Training.

I’ve been teaching meditation for over 30 years (including at government agencies like the E.P.A.) and I described my experiences in my new book, as well as instructions in how to meditate. (See my last blog for a good meditation practice.) I’ll be including instruction in meditation to help people get clear guidance for their life in my upcoming Visionary Leadership Training beginning in California March 19. (

Feel free to share your comments on how you’ve used meditation through the internet, or if you know about other companies that encourage meditation for their staff. — By Corinne McLaughlin

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Comments on: "Meditation and the New Technologies" (6)

  1. Dear Corinne, Thank you for this initiative, it was nice to read and gave me some good ideas. Your blog site is beautiful and energetic in beautiful colors. Sending you love and light.

  2. Laurie said:

    I think there’s great stuff going on now on the internet! Like you, it’s a constant learning curve for me. At first, I hated all the technology, but it’s a part of life now, and if you don’t go with it, you’ll be left out. Now, the more I learn, the more I love. I’ve participated on various websites doing live meditations, healing, trainings, etc. The beauty of it, is it’s all from inside my home and I was able to connect with the energy of thousands without having to leave!

    • Thanks, Laurie, for your comments. I’m glad to hear about your participation in online meditations, healings, etc. Isn’t it amazing what’s available today?

  3. Corinne ~ My heartfelt congratulations on this new initiative. It’s beautiful to the eye and filled with inspiration and insight. By the way, I’ve nearly finished reading “Practical Visionaries” and find it has some of the best meditations I’ve come across, like the one posted here. Also enjoyed reading your take on Egypt and just posted it on Facebook. All the best, Nancy

  4. Thanks so much for your positive feedback, Nancy, on both my blogs and Practical Visionary book. I especially appreciate your comments on the meditations, as I know you’re a very good meditator. So a most gracious thanks to you!

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